Welcome to Coastside Healing Arts, a full service Chinese medical clinic located in downtown Half Moon Bay, California. Our clinic's mission is to provide a caring environment where acupuncture coupled with Chinese herbal therapy is used to treat a wide range of internal and external medical conditions.

With a specific focus on fertility, we are proud to offer a myriad of services: Acupuncture, massage, heat therapy, cupping, and nutritional/life-style coaching. At Coastside Healing Arts our patients not only receive outstanding holistic medical care, but they also learn methods in which they can begin to empower their own lives and play an active role in their own health and fertility.

Working with Christy was the best decision I made on my journey to having my daughter. I came to her after a frustrating year of unsuccessfully trying to conceive and, after thoroughly assessing my situation, she came up with a game plan to help me get pregnant. Christy was great at explaining what she was doing at each appointment and how each one played into the bigger picture — I looked forward to every appointment because it made me feel like I was that much closer to my goal. I got pregnant a few months later and continued to see Christy for emotional and physical support throughout my entire pregnancy. I had a very easy pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy baby girl 41 weeks later and have Christy to thank for playing such a huge part in this."